Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

Job description

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

Altius Search Group is searching for an Assisted Living Administrator for one of our clients in Oregon. As the Administrator, you will direct the day-to-day functions of the facility in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards guidelines, and regulations that govern long-term care facilities to ensure that the highest degree of quality care can be provided to our residents at all times. In this position, you are autonomously responsible for the quality and financial outcomes for the facility. In addition, you will lead a team of 40+ employees with at least 4 direct-reports that you will work with daily to achieve facility and company goals



  • High level of visibility within the facility to assure that established policies and procedures are being implemented and followed
  • Demonstrate a high standard of customer service with families and residents and promote satisfaction with quality of care
  • Maintain a good public relations program that serves the best interest of the company, facility and community alike.
  • Ensure that a system for maintaining and improving buildings, grounds, and equipment is implemented, utilized and evaluated
  • Provides direct support with evaluation, counseling and termination of facility staff with the appropriate supervisor
  • Conducts evaluations of direct reports
  • Assures compliance with local, state and federal laws regarding licensure and certification of facility and personnel as applicable
  • Assists with the maintenance and integrity of facility staff records and resident records in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Assists with the evaluation of facility performance via quality assurance, productivity, daily, monthly and quarterly reports
  • Promotes relationships with referral sources in the Hospitals and surrounding community
  • Create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest and positive emphasis, as well as a calm environment throughout the facility



  • Must be a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in Oregon
  • 2+ years' experience in a skilled facility is required.
  • Strong leadership skills necessary to successfully manage day-to-day operations in accordance with all local, state and federal codes, rules and regulations
  • Demonstrate strong financial management and budgetary skills
  • Ability to plan, organize, develop and implement program goals and objectives necessary to provide quality care
  • Ability to work well independently and collaborate effectively to manage diverse needs
  • Strong knowledge of industry trends, regulations, and areas of specialty care
  • Must be flexible to travel to multiple locations to gain experience and exposure to different situations within Post-Acute Rehab Facilities
  • Possess exceptional communication skills
  • Exhibit strong organizational capabilities 
  • Demonstrate empathy and good listening skills 
  • Remain flexible and adaptable 
  • Express compassion for residents